Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And so to Alnwick

All week Maffi and I were were looking forward to a weekend away with Graham and Jane from Alnwick who very kindly invited us over for supper and some good cheer. Leaving everything to the last minute I quickly looked up directions before we jumped in the car and headed north. Not only was Maffi map reading (which isn't his forte) he was reading my directions scribbled down on the back of a piece of paper, and writing isn't my forte! I had carefully written down the road name, but not the village, and the general directions involved taking a 'slight right' followed by another right in order to arrive. It was pitch black, and I only wish I could describe our journey as we tried to read instructions, spot roads and drive safely! It was with relief that we found ourselves in the right place!

We were welcomed so well by Graham and Jane that we instantly relaxed and turned almost sleepy! I had a deliciously hot relaxing bath, Graham told us all about trains (which was rather apt as we had been to Didcot that morning), and Jane performed magic in the kitchen. I was delighted to see that they have a piano!!! I was overcome with shyness so I didn't play anything special, but I did do a few bits to exercise my rapidly decaying fingers.

Sunday morning saw us in Cropredy church followed by a delicious Sunday lunch (more magic from Jane) and homeward bound.

Thank you guys for an absolutely fabulously relaxingly much needed splendiferously wonderful time.


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