Thursday, October 30, 2008

Picture Book

Last week I moved my boat north to prepare for winter, and here are a few pics from the journey:

Here is the hydrolic works lift bridge under the A40 that so many people are getting stuck near - they have to wait for the workmen to raise it so boats can pass...

And I loved the line of boats just passed Dukes Lock:

Especially this little cute one:

and Maffi following behind:


Blogger Simon said...

of course, a temporary one for the builders - that makes sense, as I couldn't work out what use a smallish low level bridge would be otherwise....

And of course, the lovely Hebe. I'm getting worryingly obsessed by boats even smaller than mine, but I've no plans to downgrade Tortoise any time soon... ;-)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

a bit of googling found this in a cached page from, the original now gone;

one member, Steve Kingham took his own boat “Hebe” down on the last day so that the children could see what a boatman’s cabin was like.

that makes sense, if the entire cabin has been fitted about as a boatman's cabin, although I do wonder where the engine is...

12:53 AM  

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