Thursday, October 30, 2008


On Sunday we were blessed with a visit from the good Miss Barnes who embraced the local culture in style and join in with the conker championships. Ocelot, Maffi and I went out in Ocelots dinghy scouring the local area for winning conkers - the first tree was a triumph, but they were deemed by the conker assessor to be 'too small' so we dumped him off on the bank and sent him off to the church yard for some bigger ones. While he was muttering away amongst the leaves Steve decided to do some dinghy maintenance and check out the floatation tanks... they were FULL of water! After a bit of bailing out, Maffi returned back to the boat with the looty we zoomed home to prepare the conkers - it was rather fun on the way back seeing how far over we could lean the boat before it turned over... it lent over at a rather alarming angle so I stopped that game quite quickly!

Claire and I seem to have escaped the long primary school education of conker smashing, so we spent quite a lot of the first round trying to hit the opponents conker, Claire managed to make it through to the second by hitting mine more than I hit hers in a run of 9 attempts. She made it through the second, and the third, and it was only in the fourth round that she was thrashed - sterling work young lass, maybe you will win next time!


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