Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it wrong to laugh?

A few days ago I posted a lovely picture of the morning glory chez bones and in the comments Nev pointed out my 'see saw' gang plank and the delights of its time saving abilites when it comes to disembarking. I pondered about whether elfandsafety would mind about this, but decided that I knew it did it, and Maffi (my current neighbour) knew it did it, so what could go wrong.

Well, this evening these two clever boaters (me and him) were coming back from the cinema down the dark towpath without a torch. He was having enough trouble as it was, but oh how I laughed (on the inside only) when he stepped onto the gangplank and walked along it until gravity took over.

tee hee (don't tell him I laughed because I was very serious at the time - on the outside - but it did take me a while for my eyes to clear from the tears of laughter so I could get the key in the keyhole)


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