Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shower, Water, Mooring

After bleeding my coolant system I ran the engine for some hot water, and as this is such a rare delight I had a shower. A delicious long soapy shower with two big soaps. I even washed my long straddly hair twice. Gorgeous! Squeaky clean I stepped out of the shower, got dried, dressed and decided to rehydrate myself with a glass of water.... but no water. I had run out. Well, that WAS lucky!

So, it as the next day, and I pulled the pins to move up to another of my favourite spots and filled up on the way. During the fill up I had a clear up and put my old trolley near the bins hoping someone would pick it up. The poor trolley looked so forlorn I just couldn't leave it there, so I apologised to it, and started to walk it back to the boat. Having a complex, I told the trolley it just had to go - I don't need two trolleys. Perhaps I should have thrown the new trolley out instead? Rewarded faithfulness and loyalty? Oh dear.. you can imagine my quandary. Thankfully it all came to an end when a chap walking past looked like he needed a trolley. I asked him, and he did! My trolley is now in safe hands (although he probably sold it for a fiver to the nearest boat).

After filling up, I set off again and by Jove, the sun goes down quickly these days! I arrived at my new mooring in the pitch black, but thankfully Ocelot was there to meet me and help me moor up. Maffi set off from the water point after me, and when I checked my phone I noticed a missed call from him, and a message on the answer phone saying 'I have lost my boat...' I see he has confessed on his blog!


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