Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dinghys are FUN!

On Saturday afternoon Steve (ocelot) texted to enquire whether the kettle was on, and was strolling down with Dennis (the dog). I decided the kettle would be, but he walks much quicker than I had anticipated and I was caught mooching around in the bushes with Maffi, the outboard and my dinghy. Returning to the great ship Bones we sat around drinking tea while Dennis chomped his way through Maffi’s firewood. It was a glorious afternoon, but something was missing – a little bit of activity. Unfortunately I had left the plans for the oars at work, so I was left to improvise, and as this really was an emergency (no time for fine sanding, care and consideration), I grabbed the old boat pole, a piece of ply which I sawed up to size (sharp corners included. I did ask those at hand how the shape of the oar would affect the hydro/aero dynamics, but they told me I was being too scientific). Steve Hammered, I sawed and Maffi rescued his fire wood from Dennis. I made a paddle instead of Oars because I don’t have any rollocks, but when I do get some I shall saw the paddle in half and row into the sunset.
The excitement was at an all time high as we walked down the towpath to the dinghy. I stepped in as gracefully as ever and Steve Followed. Maffi decided to stay on dry land to take pictures of us falling in (so NOT going to happen!). I was at the front paddling, Steve was at the back ruddering - a fine peice of team work!!!

Fun Fun Fun.

Next stop – I think we will take the dinghy sailing.


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