Monday, November 03, 2008

Bones does a good turn...OOOPS

PJ is away in Seville and returns at some unhelpful hour tomorrow morning. In order to ease the pain of arriving home to a cold freezing boat in the middle of the night I offered to light his fire this evening so it was all delightfully warm.

So, Maffi and I set off to the great ship OCELOT, cleared out the ash and interspersed some fire lighters, twigs and coal before chucking in a lighted match. I don't really like fire lighters, but they are a quick way to get things going, especially when the head chef of the evening has promised sausages for tea. We waited until the fire was roaring, turned down the oxygen intake and left. Feeling hopelessly jealous that PJs boat was warming up, I decided to make sure my boat was doing the same. I strolled out of Maffi's boat only to be greeted by pillows of smoke embracing the cold autumn air to the dulcet tones of a high pitched screech - sounding suspiciously like a smoke alarm. I hammered on Maffi's boat, told him there was a problem, and the two of us dashed up to OCELOT thinking we had set it on fire!

The key was retrieved, the doors flung open, followed by the windows, followed by the side hatch followed by a sharp intake of air and a queer look at each other. After a bit of twiddling we discovered another air vent on the stove, shut it down and breathed a sigh of relief.

I don't think I like doing good turns...........................


Blogger saltysplash said...

Almost as bad as looking after someones pet while they're on holiday and it dies on you....Im still chuckling at the thought of you both...great posts bones


2:23 AM  

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