Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The engine

The new injector arrived, and was the wrong shape. So, I gave the current one some TLC and tightened it up, and chatted to it. I bled the system, cracked some unions, cranked the engine, tightened the unions and the engine roared into life - HURRAH. I started to extract myself from the engine 'ole in order to skip a celebratory rigadoon, and the engine died.

So, I bled the system again, cracked some unions, cranked the engine, tightened the unions, still nothing was happening so I sulked.

Then I tried again. I tightened the fan belt - badly (you have to lift mine and tighten it rather than push it down and tighten it), and turned the engine over while pumping the lift pump. The engine roared. I had to go out so I stopped the engine and started it again just to check - it ran for a few minutes, and I stopped it again. It even ran the next day.

I still have no idea what the problem was - but it must have been the fuel.

I took the boat up to the water point to fill up and turn around so I could paint the other side, and even with the throttle in the fully on position the boat was barely moving. I fiddled with the cables talked to it a bit, and scratched my head. Then it seemed to roar into life on the way home. SO, I am thinking the cables from the control lever to the injector are suffering, which explains (perhaps) why it wasn't starting before.

Strange things these 'ere engines.


Anonymous John....Alacrity said...

Just a thought, could it be the lift pump diaphragm. Sometimes these perforate so you would get some fuel through ...enough to start the engine but not enough flow to sustain constant running under load ????

7:13 AM  

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