Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The engine went Vrrrrrrrrm Vrrrrrrm (oh if ONLY I could put sound affects in!) then there was silence. This was a bit of a pain, not least because I am moored under a bridge in order to do some painting which means my solar panel is not doing its 'stuff' with the batteries.
I rummaged around the engine hoping to find the problem, and on closer inspection I found that fuel was getting through the system; round past the lift pump through the filters, injectors and up to the injector pipe; but pipe number 2 is leaking. Could this be why it isn't working? On even closer inspection I noticed the olive (yes, it is an olive) on the end of the pipe (right at the end of the pipe), and thought it probably should be on the end, so... can we conclude the pressure of the fuel is gently pushing the pipe away from the olive, as people suggest?! Can I put another olive on myself (which people suggest is not an option) - I have absolutely no idea.

In order to get somewhere wtihout too much confusion, I have ordered another injector pipe from ASAP supplies and it should arrive tomorrow. Having looked at the shape of that one, and the look of the one on the boat, I THINK they are different... so... it could be interesting getting the new one into the space of the old one. One kind boater said he would do it for me if he was nearer... I suppose it would be excessive craning the boat out and taking it to him.....


Anonymous Brian said...

You are right, if its the hi pressure pipe to the injector you can't repair it.
The new one shoul, if its the right one fit. What ever you do don't try to bend it if its wrong.

6:04 PM  

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