Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Irony

AS you may or may not know, Maffi is moored in Abingdon and has been struggling with the rising water. I visited him yesterday and noticed his water tank is getting low, and suggested he spent the day on Bones. Now, I realise Bones is not a luxury cruise liner, but in the current circumstances it might just as well be. To visit Maffi one has to don wellingtons, and wobble across two planks supported on the bank, bucket and boat respectively and when you get there you can't flush the loo unless you extract the bucket from the 'landing stage' fill it with water from the Thames and then pour it down the loo (and replace the bucket afterwards), not only that but water (what little there is left) is strictly rationed. In contrast, I have a water tap within reach AND a flushing lavatory near my current mooring.

So, Maffi came and I spent the day trying to fix my leaking lift pump while he relaxed. Maffi was mincing his way around the moorings and I eventually found him settled on the end of a landing stage dangling his wellies in the Thames watching the reeds. I asked him what he was doing, and he said there was a pike swooshing up and down them. He went on to point out the cute ducklings with their mother. Noticing my look of confusion and concern for his sanity (he had been doing this for quite sometime) he told me he had never seen a pike eat a duckling, and thought this might be his chance. I retired to the engine room again.

Once the pump was fixed, along with a few other things, I ran the engine to check it all and thus had hot water. Time for a shower, a nice long soap ridden shower to get all the grime and grease off that had spent the day embedding itself in my hair and on my arms. Lush.

As I soaped up excessively I noticed the water was beginning to drip rather than run, and low and behold stopped.

Running out of water, mid soap, is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blogger Halfie said...

Whoa! You've fixed the famous lift pump? And it leaks no more? I do hope so (diesel's getting too costly to spread about the bilge)

10:28 AM  

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