Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oxfringe: Kate Saffin

If you didn’t go to see Kate Saffin’s show at the Oxford Fringe you missed out on a fabulous evening. Packed with one liners ‘The Mary Rose: a boat of ill repute’ is nothing short of an entertaining, exhilarating and amusing tale. In this one women show the allegedly true story of post war Wolvercote is bought alive in an enchanting work which encourages the audience to embrace, and fall in love with, the world of two working girls from London who discover a loop hole in the law and set up a brothel in the sleepy north oxford Wolvercote – legally!! Kate Saffin’s dialogue paints a stunning picture of the area, the people and their lives aboard the narrowboat. As the scene is unravelled in front of our eyes the audience are transported to a different world where they fall in love with the characters as they make their living amidst the controversy of their profession.
A smashing show that brings alive local history in an amusing and entertaining dialogue that grips, shocks and amuses for 40minutes.
Undoubtedly the best show I have seen in a long time - if you have the opportunity to see Saffin Performing snap it up!


Blogger Steve said...

Bugger! - I mean't to go. I must remeber to put these things in my diary.
Double bugger! - I must remember to by a diary. I should get a third off now!

7:43 PM  

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