Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I am not bothered by spiders, I used to be, but I desensitised myself with a Caremiocnemisis validus (in a box on the wall (no, not on you Nick!)). This is all very well, because on boats spiders are our friend. Particularly Araneus Diadematus, who live across the open windows and keep the flies out. Yesterday morning I was twirling in the bathroom, as all good ladies do, and spotted some long legs protruding from a post. Identifying the offending arachnid as a Male, he was promptly dispelled from the area of ablutions and 'slung his hook' in the version of a swim on the Thames (that'll teach 'im). Imagine my surprise then, when I was taking a doze this afternoon, minding my own business and staring at the ceiling as I came to and worked out where I was, and there in the skylight (gosh, it sounds so glamorous) were some longer legs. This, after much identification, (where is Cosmos when you need him!), turns out to be a Tegenaria Gigantea, this is all very well, but would you believe it. The book says it is abundant in sheds, other out-houses, and out of doors.

Excuse me but which of the above categories does my swanky palace of Bones deluxe austere de la red carpet, great ship of the Thames fit in to?



Anonymous KH said...

Spiders with posh names & voyeuristic tendencies? Whatever next? Don't lose sleep over his fate. He deserved it!

Do you intend retaining the posh name of your new pet or are you going to call him Boris ? (you are possibly too young to remember)

Hope he doesn't develop the same predilictions as his predecessor.

I don't suppose spiders have skeletons or you would not have disposed of your first guest in that environmentally unfriendly but totally deserved fashion.

At least you didn't scream, fearless Bones ! (I may have done!)

11:28 PM  
Anonymous KH said...

Sorry. Forgot to add I checked with LLoyds of London about the status of your erstwhile craft. Amidst rather loud guffaws, they said "Are tou sure you've got the name right?" Which I thought rather unhelpful and more than a little rude.

I'm sure it cosy & warm and most importantly it floats so who gives a hoot ?

11:38 PM  

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