Tuesday, April 08, 2008


After washing my contract Sony E phone briefly, I tried to dry it out, and unsurprisingly it didn't work. Good riddance I say as it has proved to be a most ridiculous phone and wholly unsuitable for anything, it is the powder puff of mobile phones.

As I needed to replace it I went to Virgin (who provide my network) and bought the cheapest Nokia they had - 14.99 for the phone and 5pounds top up. So, the phone cost me 10pounds. I do have a pay as you go phone so the top up will come in handy for that. That very evening my Nokia took a dive into the canal, and sank.

Maffi fished around with a net that night and managed to retrieve it (it came up with the light on!). I was rather pleased as my sim card went down with it, and that is my contract sim card. Anyway, 2 days later it still works.

I DO like nokia.


Blogger Miss T said...

It just shows that the more basic your technology the better.

BTW - Nokia have a wind up phone charger, perfect for electricty poor boaters...


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Blogger Miss T said...


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