Saturday, April 05, 2008

Halfie, lights wine and steam

I have been poorly for the last couple of days - a dreaded cold which always goes to my chest and always renders me useless. I do sound good though - if Barry White sounds are good?! Maffi is moored along side at the moment making lemsips on demand, I was rather pleased when he said he would stay for a bit; my loo needs emptying, and the day I decided to do it is when Muchos Vomitous decided to visit! BLAH.

Mr and Mrs Halfie came to visit yesterday, him and his wife came bearing gifts - a circle of LEDs which are more efficient that the light I got from UltraLeds and a 20th of the price, and a bottle of wine to share. I really enjoy people dropping in, and it has been good to meet Halfie at last. Their idea of a holiday is quite remarkable - they did 600locks and 900 miles once - they did have 9 weeks to do it in, but even so! ( Halfie is currently writing the trip up on his blog)

Today I am trying to get better very very very quickly, as I want to attend the steam plough AGM. I have had to forfeit the exciting trip around SE Davis yard at Astwood Bank, one mustn't over do it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh not nice being ill, lots of TCL needed. and I am sure MANY boaters will come to the resue!!!


2:13 PM  

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