Monday, March 31, 2008

Work - fa la la

Gosh, I have survived! I am delighted to be back at work armed with an enormous amount of post, including a letter from my father - I always enjoy his letters; they are an absolute scream!

Everything is strangely unfamiliar, again a good sign of a good holiday, and I am thoroughly looking forward to sitting in this lovely chair pushing back the frontiers of science and ignoring the fact that my engine is demanding my attention!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my trip, and made it fabulous, in no particular order: Steve for crewing the difficult bits; James for two days out on land; Maffi for the surprise visits and encouragement along the way as well as help up and down various lock flights; Alnwick for back setting the locks and Mrs Alnwick for helping me with some gates when she was walking back to the car. Chris for breakfast cake, and Mrs Bottle for all day cake (YUM!). And all the canal world forum who rocked up to the banter - that WAS fun! The pub there The Bridge Inn in Napton deserve a medal for their organisation and welcome - they were outstanding!

It was lovely to see lots of people along the way, and especially Kate Saffin and Pip who drove all the way to Fenny Compton for supper - YUM!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are all thrilled that you are back into the hum drum- and not battling locks and artic conditions, and so pleased you feel rested ,if that is possible after such adventures!!!

quite a holiday!!!


2:34 PM  

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