Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday Evening and Kate Saffin

I set sail on Tuesday morning about 10ish, with the assistance of Maffi which I was really grateful for. In the evening Maffi and I met up with Kate Saffin and her fabulously witty, clever and quite charming, daughter at The Wharf Inn at Fenny Compton for some supper.

Kate is performing at Oxfringe this year. Wednesday 2 - Saturday 5th at the Moser Theatre, Wadham College, Oxford.

Judging by the right ups of Kates work you won't be disappointed if you go!
Look here, here

And this is what it is about which I took from here!
Sex in the (post war) suburbs! A boat, a brothel and a long forgotten law. It all adds up to some pretty racy goings on in Wolvercote... Wolvercote? Yes, Wolvercote! Kate Saffin's one woman shows have brought tears and laughter to audiences from Oxford to Edinburgh - and waterways between.


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