Monday, March 24, 2008

Day out with Weeping Cross

This morning WeepingCross came into my bedroom to suggest tea - at 8.30! I gave in a little while later and he put the kettle on. For some reason this was taking a while so I lay in bed enjoying the lovely smell of burning wood marvelling that himself had put a log on the fire. After a while, himself wondered why the kettle wasn't boiling and on closer investigation he realised the culprit was the chopping board and a few flames! Ooops.

I tried to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen and do a full English breakfast - had I had more than two mushrooms and NOT had a colony of new creatures on the black pudding, all would have been perfect.

The day improved when we found this holy well at Southam:

And a glorious area rather like the peak district on our way to Burton Bassett:

There was another well near Burton Bassett church:

and the church is gorgeous, well worth a visit:

and has gorgeous gravestones!

We finished the morning having luncheon at the Castle in Edge Hill. LOVELY.


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