Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canal Boat online

canal boat magazine have a new website check it out here Andrew Denny will be pleased, I am sure he has mentioned the website on more than one ocassion!


Blogger Halfie said...

Hi Bones - is the CB website a totally new thing? Only I followed the link, clicked on "more" on the latest issue section, and... nothing. Well, nothing different from the home page, anyway. (I've e-mailed the website editor).

Oh - and referring to your previous post - what's a "living van"? And a bearded boat? One with a hairy bow fender?

And on yet another subject: I'm feeling particularly pleased as Andrew Denny has mentioned my blog on Granny Buttons. Yes, I know you're used to fame both online and in the printed wor(l)d, but it made my day!

Hope the wind eases up, and restrictions/stoppages don't get in the way of you enjoying your hols.

9:05 PM  

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