Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Canal Boat Nobby

There I was admiring the lines of a gorgeous boat that had moored up in front of me, when I noticed the name was "Nobby". Hmm - isn't that owned by Ian and Allison Birks a columnist for canal boat magazine - turns out this WAS the same boat.

Allison was out shopping, but Ian was around, and it was lovely catching up on magazine gossip from a fellow contributer.

Ian kindly showed me around his boat, and if I was ever in the position to have a boat built I would want this one. It is absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail is staggering, every space has a use, and the build is solid, tidy and inspirational. Under the front deck there is wardrobe and drawer space, which has started me thinking about my own deck - should I plate it over in order to solve the low drainage hole problem, and use it as a wardrobe. It is certainly tempting.

The engine room is gorgeous - the Gardiner is stunning. A 2l2 manufactored in 1942, originally for the ministry of defence and re-built and installed by Tony Redshaw - what a beauty!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Bones if you had a new boat like Nobby what would you do with all your spare time? And more to the point what would you write about for the canal mag?


12:26 PM  

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