Monday, March 17, 2008

Let them eat cake


The whole winter goes without seeing any bloggers, and then 2 go past within the space of days and I am out. Imagine my despair then when I heard that Hadar were travelling through Thrupp on Friday, but my delight when they stopped at the jolly boatman. Hurrah! I actually got to meet them, as well as canalworld forum member Steve. On Saturday morning I was not even vaguely jealous that Steve and Maffi were back aboard Hadar eating cake (deliciously wonderful Victoria SPONGE), while I was floating the boat up the canal with Steve Sugg. We were caught behind the most tediously slow couple, but managed to shoot ahead of them on the cherwell. The weather was pretty dull for boating and just as I was getting rather bored with the monotony of standing still I noticed a floating body in the canal. Never one to let wildlife suffer, despite being dead, I whacked the boat in reverse and promptly got it stuck. Before Steve had had time to protest I pole volted onto the bank and dragged the deer out, stuck it in a plastic bag, watched Steve rescue the boat and got back on with the deer at the bridge 'ole.

Again the monotony was getting to me, so I decided we would make our millions and fish for treasure. Top tip to all you magnet holders - don't bother trawling when coming out of the lock. I caught the lock so firmly Steve had to go back and retrieve the magnet.

Just coming out of Somerton Deep Lock we were passed by a steam train - oh how I love those engines! It was absolutely glorious, it kept us going to Aynho.

The great western pub at Aynho has changed a lot since Steve was there. It is no longer a spit and sawdust pub but an oak chair, open fire, candlelit haven. There was a large proportion of customers drinking champagne.

We deposited the deer in some bushes on the way up to rot in peace. I will pick it up on the way back.


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