Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tooleys Boat Yard

I have been residing here in Banbury over the past few days, and in that time Matt from Tooleys boat yard has been doing some much needed work. I now have a new diesel system and a new exhaust system. Both look fantastic, and will now pass the boat safety (I still marvel how it got one in the first place!). In the process Matt noticed that the alternator wasn't charging, so I asked him to look at it. I had noticed the light didn't go out, but I hadn't really payed too much attention, not least because sometimes it went out, and sometimes it didn't, and most of the time I had battery power. Turns out the alternator is dead. Even when the light goes out there isn't any charge going into the batteries. Matt fitted a new alternator, and after much scratching of head it turns out that one is faulty too!

I thought I would have to head off tomorrow without the alternator, but the owner of the yard is going to try and sort it out very early in the morning. I had already agreed to come back next week, so I am pleased they have been so thoughtful and want to get it fixed before I go, and will actually go the extra mile to do so. Especially as the alternator was an 'extra' job that came up. I will see what happens tomorrow, but so far I like these guys.

And, on another note, it just goes to show that my solar panel is more effective than I thought. I have been running the fridge, and my lights, AND it is winter, on the panel and everything is fine. So fine that I had no idea the alternator wasn't charging at all. It is true I don't usually run my engine, but I do on occasion so I can shower in hot water, I thought these occasions also added to the batteries, but clearly not. All hail the solar panel.

I have spent the day therefore waiting around and chilling out. This morning I met up with Pip to help her with her stats problems, I just love sitting in a cafe helping someone else with their work. Pip is delightful and very amusing indeed, a lovely way to spend the morning.


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