Friday, March 21, 2008

The Summit

Having made it to Fenny Compton last night, I flaked out and spent most of the day recovering. The boat is almost tidy and I have made use of the storage boxes NB Nobby gave me in Banbury.
After much deliberation I decided to head across the summit this afternoon and make it to Marston Doyle. Tomorrow I just have to face the locks down into Napton whereupon I can have a rest for a couple of days.
I decided to pull the pins and the weather turned grey, wet and cold, so I put on the thermals. No sooner had I headed out than the sun came out. Off with the thermals, and wearing a more appropriate attire I spotted the ideal photo opportunity. I grabbed the camera, took a picture that didn't work out that well and found myself stuck - partly incompetence, and mostly wind (that is my story anyway). I good bit of pole work, a twisted knee (seemed to result in less pain in my knee than before!) and a little bruising, as well as a near miss with falling in, I was on my way again.

The summit is stunning. It twists and turns through lovely countryside, and you don't see a soul for ages - other than the odd boat passing by. Not only that, but the weather was absolutely glorious. The thunder clouds swept across the fields quietly chased by the sunshine leading to some glorious light that I just marvelled at. Having taken my thermals off, the clouds decided to descend and the brisk air chilled further. In no time at all I was in the most amazing hail storm. Each ball of ice bounced off the roof, and my hat as if dancing a rigadoon. The water absorbed each stone with concentric circles of celebration and the clouds darkened with each second. It was truly wonderful.

I haven't, as yet, learnt how to use my camera properly, but here are some pictures of the wonderful light:

Not only that, but I loved this pile of wooded hair styles in the field as I came to an end of the cruise:

I am now tucked up aboard the great ship having had some lovely curry. What I failed to do was make some cake. If only I knew my recipes in table spoons - I could just fancy some of Aunt Gills flapjacks!

I now understand why people find the oxford canal knee quiveringly beautiful.


Blogger Maffi said...

You must let me know if you are going to fall in so I can get there and take a pic.

7:09 PM  

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