Friday, March 21, 2008

Bits and Bobs

first off, I am amused of Fenny Compton this morning. The wind is howling, my fire is dead, and the met office tells me the weather is going to be exciting. I love boating in all weather, except blazing sunshine and wind. This weekend I am going to have to battle with the wind. Not a problem on a crewed boat, but a bit dull as a solo boater. I haven't yet managed to work out how to push the bow off, and then dash back to the stern before it gets stuck again. I suppose the point is never to lose the bow in the first place. I shall battle with the wind tomorrow, but today I need to tidy up and clear up all the mess.

Yesterday I spotted a coal man, and thought about tying up and getting some coal to see me through until I saw dusty again 'down south'. Just at the critical moment as I was wondering whether to moor up the coal man said he read my column and really enjoyed it. I was so overwhelmed by the compliment I forgot what I was doing and went sailing past! Not to worry, I have a luciously warm jumper from Mrs Brown.

Not only that but, someone else said some lovely things to me yesterday, completely out of the blue, which have left a warm glow, and then I see Maffi has written on his blog. I often wonder what it is I do to deserve such adoration, but I never wonder for too long, it is just lovely to hear it.

Thank you guys!


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