Saturday, March 22, 2008

Marston Doles to Napton

I emerged from the pit in time to receive a surprise visit from Maffi. He had set his alarm clock for 6AM and set himself up to walk the countryside to give me a hand today. I was surprised, overwhelmed and delighted - not least because he came bearing gifts... this quickly turned to horror when I realised he wasn't armed with cake!!!! It was lovely to see him, and we had a coffee and set off. We managed to approach the first lock sideways, but after that we had the hang of things.

I was grateful for the assistance - not least for moral support. Maffi also taught me a new rope trick for shutting the gates - fabulous for showing off when you get it right....!

When I boat it is always in stunning weather - yesterday it was rain shine and hail (my nose has recovered from its bruising), and today it was rain, shine and snow. It was lovely sitting on the back deck with a cup of tea, and some cake (I picked some up in the shop at the bottom of napton locks) cruising through the snow. Fantastic!

I am now moored up for a few days, and looking forward to our banter on Monday. There are 5 boats here already which is super.

Oh yes, I was so enthused from the boating, that I set too on my other projects. The heron has rotted down beautifully, as has the rooks head. A little boiling when I get some washing powder will see them done and ready. The deer needs a little longer, but I managed to get quite a lot of debris off, and may even encourage it along with some boiling too.

Right. Must be dinner time. Thanks for the bacon Maffi, I will enjoy that with the blackpudding and mushrooms - yum!

I must thank Maffi again for coming over, the assistance was excellent, and the surprise most cheering. Thank you for the thought, and and also for the help; both were lovely. I hope you had a safe journey home!


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