Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sealkinz Too

Maffi wrote about his Sealskinz today, and I am going to write about mine. Our experiences are slightly different, but then so is the weather we usually boat in - although I am pleased to see that Maffi is getting more accustomed to the awful wind, and delightful rain, although I do think boating in ones shorts is a bit extreme!

My sealskinz are fantastic, and I love them. I was given two pairs last year! They grip well, keep your hands dry on wet ropes, and generally act like an extra skin. What you can do is immerse your hand in a bucket of water, and STILL have DRY hands! I have been delighted with them. However, if you wear them all day in the driving rain the water gently starts to seap through and after a few hours you have wet hands.

They are ideal for normal boating, but for extreme boating I think a pair that is windproof would help, that way any water they do trap won't get too cold!

Thank you Sealskinz for these gloves - I gave the other pair to Maffi


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