Monday, March 31, 2008

Engine Mounting Bolts is what it was... I hope!

Well, I don't know you about you, but there are certain shapes the human being is NOT designed to be in. I found a perfectly good and accessible position to access those wretched bolts, and after a little while it dawned on me that lowering myself in this contorted position may be comfortable but there was no way I was going to get out of it. I did wonder about calling a passer by, but they were particularly sparse (or deaf) so I had to heave and shove and managed to extract myself with more dignity than I thought was possible.

Something else I have learn this evening is that when you want to do something 'up' turn it the proper way, otherwise you spend a long time undoing it and then ages finding the bit that dropped in the bilges.

I have finally managed to do up the bits that were meant to be done up, and weren't and am now marvelling at my new oil shaped spiky hair and newly covered arms. I thought my hands were getting a bit dry, but I think my bilge diving is going to sort that one out nicely - my arms and my face.

Another top tip is that when you get stuck and need to extract yourself and make a wrong move, make sure your mouth is SHUT when your face ends up in the bilges.

Anyway, it works now.


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