Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a good idea - ha ha ha

I crawled into work this morning from my sick bed, and left before lunchtime in order to return to the chambers of despair in peace. I had overstayed on my mooring, and due to lack of supplies, I decided to move - AND Ali says he has good news, the views on the Thames are fantastic and the weather is amazing - I just HAD to move didn't I.

So, I moored on the bottom of the Oxford and dined, and then head off - I passed Maffi en route who said he was moving too. I told him where I was off to, and he decided to come to. I said I would wait at Botley Road and we could put the boats together I could be ill and he could be macho and move them both.

I arrived at botley road and moored up on the centre line, popped inside to get something and came out to find my boat had decided it didn't want to have its whole side on the bank, but felt its derrier would be better pointed towards some youfs on a bench. I couldn't get her back to the bank for love nor money. Thankfully Maffi wasn't long so I leapt aboard and decided we would do our grand plan in the next lock.

Bones and grand plans are NOT a good mix.

We breasted up, came out of the lock, and I flaked. UNTIL we got to the bit where we go under the Abingdon road. I emerged just in time to see one of Maffi's grand plans. He decided that the stream would flip him sideways and decided to take advantage of this.

It wasn't long before I had to leap onto my boat, start her up and add a bit of power to the situation. We very nearly wiped out a line of shiny plastic boats, a man with a paintbrush and a restaurant's floating pontoon... unfortunately there were no patrons on the latter, so we didn't get to enjoy the 'soup' affect or 'startled faces'. Good job I suppose.

I am now moored up with a million dollar view across christ church meadows resting in my chambers.

Maffi has just read the post and said it wasn't a line of plastic boats, he is indeed right... it was 3 plastic boats, a wooden gondola and a navigation post that nearly visited Davey Jones!!!! I didn't mention those because I thought it would be unkind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know someone wanting to buy a narrow boat!!!!!!!

7:14 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

do you! [raised eyebrow]

8:25 PM  
Blogger Steve S said...

Laurel and Hardy at their very best!

12:23 PM  

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