Monday, April 07, 2008

Sea Searcher

When I was cruising to Banbury from Oxford with the valuable assistance of Steve I got the sea searcher out and had a go at making our millions. Needless to say I made none. Something I forgot to do was put the keeper back on the magnet, so yesterday I held the magnet in my right hand, but the keeper on, and just like magic I caught the bulk of loose skin on my middle finger. My other fingers sprang clear of the magnet due to restricted movement and I was in a bit of a pickle. I couldn't put the magnet down to put a screw driver between the magnet and keeper because that would have involved resting the magnet on the trapped bit. I tried various positions, but it just wasn't going to happen. After a short time I decided that the magnet was not a stylish fashion accessory and I would have to do something about it, besides, it really was not very comfortable at all.

So, I decided to enlist the role of the fisherman. I strolled up to him and politely asked for his assistance, and explained that I needed the keeper removed, but I couldn't do it. I handed him the screw driver, explaining what to do, and he grabbed the magnet pulling me with it. I had failed to give him the vital piece of information that the magnet had eaten part of me and that was why I needed his help.

He liberated me in no time at all. I now have a slightly numb finger - oops. The fisherman did ask me how on earth I managed to do that, so I gently explained that it was the hazard of being human, we have flat bits on the ends of our arms with bits that dangle on the end - they seem to be designed to get in the way of things. It is a funny design isn't it, these fingers. Useful, but funny.


Anonymous KH said...

Most of us take more care with our designer limbs as pain often hurts

7:51 PM  

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