Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arriving home

I was rather surprised when I arrived home and bundled into the pub for a much needed lemonade.  Usually nothing ever changes, but it would seem that there had been two great adventures in my absence.

The first was the rescue of a hire boat.  This hire boat had decided to go UNDER the bridge and follow the line of the River Cherwell rather than go past it into Bakers Lock. It would appear the river is more navigable than we thought – until they got stuck and had to be rescued by a tractor.

Having read some of the recent accounts of the Oxford Canal I was beginning to wonder whether my local navigation was actually a jungle. These hire boaters must have thought ‘well, they said it was rural, but I didn't think it was THIS rural’. Well, it shouldn’t have been….

The other great adventure, on the same day, was the sound of the airport crash alarms going off.  It turns out that a plane was flying over the local pub without any noise.  It landed, in the dark, in a nearby field, JUST short of the hedge without anyone being injured. Quite a different story to when Maffi and I heard the airport sirens go a few years ago

When it was daylight I had a look over the canal at the plane in the field.  What an amazing outcome!



Blogger John Witts said...

I think both the hire-boaters and the pilot of the light aircraft had what we aboard 'Pippin' refer to as 'A Brown Trouser Moment.....' :-)

6:47 PM  

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