Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Then there were three

Harnser came to Thrupp and we persuaded them to stay another night because No Problem and Matilda Rose were going to be arriving.  I went off to work and I wondered what the situation would be when I returned.  I was pleased when I came around the corner to see No Problem safely moored up:


and then Matilda RoseP1030569

and then Harnser


WE had a fantastic and somewhat raucous evening in the Boat Inn who dealt with my allergies rather well I felt.

Harnser headed off northwards and we all bundled over to Matilda Rose for another evening of great fun.  Graham cooked an absolute feast which, added to rice pudding and roasted potatos, spoilt us all rotten!  It was a wonderful evening.

I headed northwards on Friday towards home. Nothing much changes when one is at home.. or so I thought…..


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