Monday, October 14, 2013

Over 100 years to complete

There is hope for the good ship yet.

I have just been to Barcelona.

The Basilica of the Sagrada Família was a building to span the generations; each generation adding its mark and it has certainly done that. As humankind walks from Nativity to the Passion it marks the arms of the cross from one door to the next. The geometry of the building, the thought and the intricate detail marked boldly in all materials is delightful.  It is a constant reminder of nature.  The living being is another mark of nature; a transient sculpture changing minute by minute as each person laps up another part of the Basilica.

The nativity facade is curious – almost melting, not yet formed, much like a new life – what will it be, what will it become. The Nativity facade is busy, full of expectation and potential.


The passion facade stone work was amazing.  P1030457


The stain glass windows were spectacular – capturing and controlling the light into the vast expanse of the interior.


Patterns taken from nature are seen throughout the Basilica


and it isn’t just about vision. It is about sound but also about touch too.


I loved it.


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