Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This my dear friend is a hole.


It ought to be a much larger one for this week the good ship goes under a transition and Allan is coming to share his ‘let’s not let Bones electrocute herself’ expertise of fitting 240 shore line to the good ship.  It was a day for holes because my neighbour was having a jolly good time digging out a hole for a new mooring ring. I joined in with my drill and fabulous assistant.  I changed tools for the jigsaw, lines it all up pulled the trigger and nothing had happened.  The electric blew!! It wasn’t restored until after dark so I was quite grumpy.

I soon cheered up because the fabulous Tim came to replace my A string! OH HAPPY DAYS! Now the twang has gone the piano sounds marvellous. The string will take a few weeks to settle in, but we are much cheered on the good ship.


The hole will be addressed again this evening.  I must do the hole because without it the weekend’s plans will be irritating.   I had planned to gallivant with Dr Bradley who is in the area but the hole must be done!


Blogger John Witts said...

As a member of The Holemaker's Guild, may I recommend you go and gallivant with the Good Doctor?


6:18 PM  

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