Thursday, September 05, 2013

So how was that camping trip!?

Well, the first great achievement was putting up the tent without falling out and going our separate ways.
We packed up the rucksack and set off for our walk. We looked back, proudly, at the constructed tent only to realise just how close to the  family next door we had stuck it – we were the only ones that had used as little space as possible.  I suppose tents don’t have that ‘moor as closely together ‘ rule us boaters use in busy spots.
The walk was great.  We spotted a man hanging around in the middle of the field…
He was at the top, and his mates were 50m down.P1030177
We arrived in Castleton.
My shoe laces were irritating me so I popped into the shop to get some new ones. It seemed simpler to buy them already attached to the shoe so I left my old boots behind and marched out in decadent splendour.  Besides, laces packaged in a boot is so much nicer than in those plastics things.
We went on to the pub for a lunchtime pint and continued our walk.
I suppose they have enough of a surplice for there always to be over 250 bags…I suppose they dash out and change the sign on a particularly good selling day.
Our walk saw us walking up past Odin’s mine. My pint at lunchtime got the better of me and I had to have a sleep in the field. I fell over on my side and collapsed into slumber. My friend was rather rude about my need for a nap but it wasn’t long before their snoring and dribbling was echoing through the valley.  It wasn’t long before we were back on the route up past Odin’s MineP1030182
No Odin but a nice sign
then back to the biggest tent in the world to cook supperP1030190
the front doors overlooked our neighbours so the side door was commissioned. 
The camping was pretty good. The wind was horrific but then the campsite is in Windy Knoll. 
Home to spread the tent out. I noticed three huge anorexic tarantula’s eyeing up the bedrooms when I lay the tent out to dry. I suppose they will have moved in by now. pah.


Blogger John Witts said...

A modern expression designed to describe the delights of luxurious tents springs to mind: 'glamping', anyone?


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