Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cor that was fun!

Happy memories from London this weekend!

I whizzed down on the train to Marylebone to see ‘Another Way’ which has now been nominated for  three Offie's (Off West End) awards - best new musical, best actor, best actress. This is the second play the writer has had nominated for an award.

I got on the bus, discovered it was the right bus going the wrong way so I got off the bus and got a little black bus to my sisters house.  I stepped into the road to hail the little black bus and there I broke another of London’s rules. The Hackney Carriage is only allowed seek custom when they are stationary.

It was Pa’s 70th birthday this weekend so we treated him to a weekend of treating. One of which was lunch in a champagne bar and a jolly good gossip. It was absolutely brilliant.  On the walk down we spotted some doors by the bins. My sister tracked down the owner, I dashed back to get them and we piled onto the bus, down to the champagne bar, back to the station over the platforms and back to the bus.  Here is my dad taking a turn….doors

I later discovered it is an offence (maximum £500 fine) to carry a plank across a pavement.  We wouldn’t have been fined because this is not ‘a’ ‘plank’ it was a beautiful set of window shutters.  and even with the wildest imagination window shutters are not planks!

Home to Oxford, a trip to the flicks to see Rush and a jolly good spring clean on the boat.  My feet didn’t touch the ground.

I loved London. Having heard so many people enjoying the waterways there I am even more determined to walk them.  Last year I started a tradition with myself of going on a birthday walk. I was wondering where to go this year, so perhaps I will do this.


Blogger Jaqueline Biggs said...

See our blogpost about the Hidden Jewel of Kings Cross, back in April or May I think of this year. It is absolutely brill--Camley st. wildlife garden and old St. Pancras church yard just a stone's throw from the canal and St. Pancras Cruising club. There is the living wall and the University of he Arts London in old canal/railway building. We loved it!
Jaq and Les
NB Valerie

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