Friday, October 18, 2013

What a lot of wood.

I used to collect wood throughout the year for the winter burning season.  I say used to because a couple of years ago I was spoilt rotten when my friend had his HUGE eucalyptus tree felled. It was chopped into bite size pieces and he kindly stored the huge pile in his shed for me to use. It lasted ages and I was thrilled. 

Since then I haven’t been so good at foraging and spending my Saturdays with my trusty saw flexing my arm muscles.  A few months ago we spotted some wood and in a remiss moment I failed to get some for myself. I was worried that what was left wouldn’t be there when I eventually made it back to the spot.


So, once again I am spoilt rotten and I even have somewhere to store it.  I am thrilled.


My friend has a chain saw so we are going to find a nice quiet spot to chop this lot up into bite size chunks.


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