Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It happens to the best of us…apparently

It seems that the leisurely boating of the Thames has upped a notch since I was there last and the learning curve continues to be steep; steeper than a steep thing really. Our tranquil cruise up the Thames this weekend was, again, anything but! With a near sinking, over heating engine, disappearing boat, red boards and general boating trauma we can say we all bonded.

It wasn’t just us either - a lady from a different boat had fallen and needed an ambulance.

It was a particularly tricky manoeuvre getting onto a mooring for the night.  There was a battle between the boat which seemed adamant that it wanted to take a line of inconveniently moored punts out while I was adamant that we had had enough trauma (and was quite pleased to be back on my freshly rescued boat)… I won and we were moored up safely.  I took the opportunity to call a friend who had been on a lovely jaunt up their river with their friends.  One of whom was wearing this:


Although I must say the day in the office has been a great relief after the weekends expedition into unchartered waters.


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