Wednesday, June 06, 2012

And so a day of boating

My muscles don’t always behave and having decided to pull the pins and head south I was rather pleased when my friends said they were going to move their boat south and perhaps we could go in convoy. This secured the regular supply of tea that I find rather difficult when single handing down the river due to the distance from the tiller to my kitchen.

The muscles took a turn for the worst and after a crew fiasco I thought I was going to have to cancel my trip .  However after a bit of phoning around the accompanying boat said their friend would welcome a relaxing day out on the river.  My crew multiplied and the three of us with me feeling eternally grateful to the strangers set off for an uneventful trip on the Thames…

Uneventful that is until we managed to get beached, towed off, embarked upon some formation boat dancing  and had to stop Boots seeing off a swan.




We stopped off for a very welcome pub lunch and were delighted to find our final stopping place engulfed in bunting and various celebrations for our arrival.


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