Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost diary

I have lost my diary.

On a scale of 1 to 10 of funny things this is NOT funny.

I have put it down somewhere and I can't remember where let alone when. Unfortunately this is a sign that I had a good holiday. I completely forgot everything and have arrived at work utterly unprepared with my head, clearly, still down the weed hatch or up the glades of the English countryside. My diary is missing. I haven't got the faintest idea where it is.

I USED to keep my diary in my head, life was so much simpler in the good old days. Then, in a fit of peak I decided that I would save my diary memory for something else (I can't remember what) and transfer everything onto an electronic version to free up the head space. So I kept my diary on/in my phone, but then my phone collapsed and had to be sent away to be polished and came back empty. void. which generally reflected my memory of the events marked in it. So I moved to the paper version.

Now this has gone.

I suppose the diary, when it found it was abandoned, packed its little bags and has gone on holiday or worse, left home. I am sure I wrote in it that I was on holiday and when I would be home, but perhaps not.

So... if you find a little blue diary sunning itself on the sands of the bay send it home for me. The world of the good ship is lost without it.


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