Monday, November 15, 2010

Heading North

Wolvercote Lock:13112010231

The high winds left some crack willow across the canal so we hauled it out with boat poles and rope:13112010235

There is a lot of willow along the side of the canal that has been left to grow, and BW have finally started trying to bring it under control. I look forward to them visiting the areas nearer to Oxford to bring them under control.  Following Maffi was most amusing as he zig zagged up and down the canal. Periodically he would disappear in a flurry of trimmings as he took his sheers to the over hanging branches.

BW have put new locks on the bridges, but they haven’t yet got the hang of balancing them. Fortunately Nick is long enough to be able to hold this one open:


I picked up some logs on the way so Dave came along to chain saw them into bite size chunks…


and so I am back home for a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean you eat bite size chunks of log if your that hungry i'll send you a food parcel. lol


1:29 AM  

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