Friday, October 29, 2010

Jolly Boatman Car parking: Gone

The Jolly Boatman pub, Thrupp installed a pay and display car park earlier this year.  When I went there the other day I noticed the pay and display car park has been uninstalled!



When friends visited Maffi and I didn’t usually go to the Jolly Boatman for an evening and a meal, but went elsewhere.  Due to a situation I fail to understand we can’t go there anymore and thus we dine here.  Through this process I and many others have discovered that it is actually really rather good, especially for people with allergies (like me) as I get a good selection of vegetables including mashed swede (instead of potato) with my meal; I do like a bit of carbohydrate with dinner! They also have a specific children's menu.

Most of the people we have dined with have been surprised at how the Jolly Boatman has improved with the arrival of the new owners.  Sadly I hear they will be moving on, so once again the fate of this pub is uncertain but I hope it doesn’t go back to the terrible state it was in before with outstandingly poor meals.

So if you are going, go before they leave, which is sometime in December.


Blogger Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

We should be there in November sometime.
The only problem I have had there was the sticky table tops.

6:50 PM  

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