Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunday to Thrupp

The light on Sunday was stunning. It started off as a rather dull day, but by the time I had pulled the pins, reversed and turned around the day was beginning to brighten up. By the second lock I was in paradise. I only had my phone camera, but the light was exceptional as the sun burnt through the haze and the trees gave way to glimpses of the rolling Oxfordshire countryside.


I particularly love the stretch from Heyford to Thrupp. I love Dashwood Lock with its open countryside;  as I looked over the fields I saw a man and a spaniel walking out of the trees just as a buzzard flew over head. I also met, briefly, a couple who were walking along the tow path to Braunston or further. They met my pal Dave who was walking south through another beautiful spot – Aynho to Heyford and had a longer chat. They should have been in Banbury last night, and heaven knows where tonight. I often forget that walking is quicker than boating.  Northbrook lock is more enclosed but surrounded by beautiful trees that stretch over the canal forming a tunnel. I was approaching the quarry delighting in the sunshine, the views and feeling exceptionally poetic but by the time I reached Pigeons Lock my engine was making extraordinary noises. I fixed it and then by the time I got to Bakers I caught the Narrow boat Trust up and had a proper chat. 10102010649 10102010648

On the river I saw this:10102010651

and was delighted to notice that all the obstructions from when I went upstream last had been cleared and the journey down stream was much clearer than it has been in ages!

Strangely it is good to be back on my mooring. I will stay for a while as I have things to do, but then I will be off again before the winter sets in and it is time to baton down the hatches!


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