Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wooden Boat October: Too much water on the inside

On my walk the other day I came across this boat:


I was particularly interested that it had plastic sheeting all around it, I assume it had been leaking and this was a leak prevention strategy. I wonder if normally it works?

On Sunday I noticed a rather splendid looking boat pumping rather a lot of water out of the bilges. I think it looks rather swish with the sailing dinghy next to it.  Later in the day the owner was putting plastic sheeting around the hull, and when asked what it was for he said it was to keep the water out. Apparently after 8 hours there is water above the floor boards at the front.07112010177

Here it is sheeted up:


This morning I saw the owner and asked whether it was working. He said it hadn’t yet, although it MAY have made a bit of a difference, but he wasn’t really sure as strangely enough the boat leaks less in winter. Only time will tell.

I presume there is a reason why he doesn’t take the boat out of the water (he said part of the reason it leaked was because it had been in the water too long), boats, like people, tell an interesting story. If this boat was a writer, I wonder what it would write.


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