Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Oxford

Boots started the day with a bit of a balance:


I filled up with water, emptied the bin and then Nick and I sailed off into the sunset for a day of boating. It was a divine day and the Thames was beautiful.

I am always a little nervous of Kings Lock having nearly sunk in there a couple of few years ago, one June, when I decided to leave Thrupp for Oxford, on a particularly bad day.  The good ship behaved beautifully


The colours were beautiful as we approached Godstow Lock


There weren’t ma ny boats out but I liked the look of this one:


And this lass on a paddle board with her dog.


It was a super day followed by a lovely meal out with some friends in Oxford.


Anonymous Ogee skirting said...

What a beautiful and refreshing place,Loves to stay here and have a relaxation this coming weekend to unwind.

9:11 AM  

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