Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I met these crazy Americans on Saturday night while walking home. They had hired a boat from Oxford and were making their way north, they were full of life having a great time On Sunday I saw them all and it was very amusing indeed such characters!!!


I arrived home to discover that Peter was there with his Barrow boat and he took me off to Shipton in it. It was beautifully quiet with its electric outboard and I loved the view from so low down in the water:


Then I helped Dr Saffin reverse her boat the mile or so to the lift bridge. I stood on the back having intimate moments with the hedges until I got the hang of standing on the back getting the speed just right and holding the tiller straight while Dr Saffin punted from the bow. Back past Granny ButtonsDSC07673

And then through the bridge to the audience at the Jolly Boatman where Saffin did a fantastic manoever and managed to wedge the pole in the side of the bank, not the canal!  I failed to discover forward gear in time but the stick was returned to us, without the end, by an onlooker.


Dr Saffin headed north, and I pulled my pins, turned and headed north with her.


It was a beautiful day for cruising!!! 

Boots spent his time sitting peacefully on the roof


or staring intently at bushes



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