Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Banbury to Heyford

On Monday I picked up a friends boat from Banbury and took it to their friends mooring in Lower Heyford. I very rarely spend 7 hours boating in one day, but on Monday, with the help of Nick, I did. It was glorious being out on the water on a bigger boat, this was similar in size to the first boat I lived on which was 63ft. I only took 3 photographs!

The new lift bridge  (200Ks worth) at Aynho which seems to be finished nowDSC07713

Somerton Deep lock


and Boots


Just as we were coming through Nell Bridge the owners of the boat were standing on it!  Apparently the sat nav had taken them that way and as they passed over the bridge they saw a boat that looked a bit like theirs. Low and behold, it was.  We stopped at the Great Western Arms to see them and have a quick drink together before we continued our journey again. I LOVE the Great Western Arms, the service is great, the people are friendly, the beer excellent, the food fantastic and the atmosphere wonderful.


Blogger Chris said...

Γιασοθ Μπονες Oh Sorry Hi Bones the Greek sunshine is getting to me! We are having a great time & have become bikers for the duration, We have had a Yamaha DT until tonight but have now changed it for a Kymco Stryker which is *much* smoother. See you when we get back. All the best C & J

6:05 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Delighted to hear you are having a good time!!! I am looking forward to seeing you on your return and hearing about your holidays!

11:11 AM  

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