Thursday, December 31, 2009

bad day

This morning it was time to really tackle some of the engine room issues that I have been putting off.  The starter solenoid was one of them.  I lifted the engine boards and the engine puffed some smoke at me – off with the engine isolation switch and a good inspection of the problem which greeted me enthusiastically by coming off in my hands:


the state of the cables tells it all isn’t it bad! The bit at the bottom of the picture that looks like a square nut is actually meant to be IN the solenoid itself…and isn’t so, the thing is really past it (or it is now!).  The cables are attached to the top of the bolt and you can see how bad the nut looks. Oh dear.

The starter solenoid is attached by two bolts, one is inaccessible.  It looks as though the only way to get the solenoid off is to remove the starter motor. This is NOT an easy job as I discovered a couple of years ago when I had to remove it

To withdraw the starter motor this is the procedure (and only do it when you have to)
Split the flexible coupling using a socket set.
Remove the nuts on the 2 rear flexible mounts.
With a mini jack (small scissor jack) under the gearbox, jack up the back of the engine.
With a medium sized socket set with a 6-8 inch extension, undo the 3 bolts. The top one is the only one you need. The others are only there for show.
Hey presto the starter motor falls out.
If you get another one, you will need to file off the corners for it to fit back in the slot.

Not a happy bunny. I really SHOULD pay more attention to my engine, it is the crux of the boat but it is just so inaccessible.  WHY put a starter motor UNDER an engine on a boat – we can’t get to it!



Blogger Chris said...

Oh dear, sounds like you need to get to know an auto-electrician!

Despair not, perhaps I can help, if it's a Lucas solenoid you can get the cap (melted bit) separately, just needs the wires unsoldering carefully.

I'm back up at Heyford at the weekend and there should be a new cap in the workshop.

Happy New Year


4:59 PM  
Blogger WeepingCross said...

I think 'Grrr' (with various numbers of 'r's) is the word that occurs most often on your blog!

2:28 PM  

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