Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Granny and Grandpa

Mum is busy. Busy busy busy.  She goes to work, comes home and then sits and reads or writes. She says it is all part of her job and she has to write a grant proposal which apparently takes time. So does playing ball, but I suppose it doesn’t take the right sort of time. To be fair she does come home early sometimes – like today, but only because her patient went home earlier than she expected and not especially to see me.  Coming home early means we go for a walk but then she does more work!.  It seems that jobs are important. I need a job.

I THINK I might have found the perfect one:




to prevent an absentminded incumbent from being repeatedly humiliated

in the management of a not overwhelmingly busy parish.

The successful candidate will be able to show:

  • Slavish devotion to his/her master

  • A preference for the shadows

  • A silent tread

  • The ability to remember things everyone else has forgotten, in particular the location of interred cadavers

He/she will ideally possess:

  • A degree in necromancy, witchcraft, or similar

  • A voice resembling the late Peter Lorre

  • A limp

  • Own cloak of secrecy

Accommodation provided in church cellar. Gruel and rat allowance. Terms on application.

Apply to: The Rectory, Swanvale Halt, Surrey

I am going to work on my application tonight and apply and I like rats.

Lots of Love

Your devoted Grandson Boots


Anonymous Anonymous said...

o boots we will give you a job permenantly, it is a special work that only you would enjoy- and that is gardening, emptying the compost heap, avoiding the squirrel traps and all things be bright and beautiful


9:31 PM  

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