Sunday, November 08, 2009

Muddy Waters

This excellent new series of children's books called Muddy Waters is, I am told, the waterways version of Thomas the Tank Engine.  I haven’t got a clue, but I do know that everyone likes it and the guy behind it is talented. So far I have read two of the books but when I was in the tea rooms this afternoon I spotted a new one was out.   I can’t judge it against Rosie and Jim, or Thomas the Tank Engine, but I love the stories, the boats, the antics on the waterways and the adventures… and I am not a kid – well not on the outside anyway.

The books aren’t set in one single location, but around the country. They started out in Thrupp, Oxfordshire, but so far the boats venture to London and another in Falkirk, Scotland. Not only are the stories great, but they also take the reader on a journey through the Canals of Great Britain.

If you see them, buy them – you won’t be disappointed!


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My niece liked hers!

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