Thursday, November 05, 2009

Art Aboard the Good Ship III postcards

Postcards may look like clutter around the walls of the good ship but I love postcards and those I keep get rotated around the boat as the whims take me.   The post card was patented in the 1860s, but it wasn’t used until the 1870s (by Turkey!). If you are interested in a whistle stop tour of the post card look it up on Wikepedia and read about the controversy issues with their release.

Some have a permanent home in a frame..


Or as part of a frame..

Snowy Farr


But some are just scattered around :

A church in Bridgnorth where I played the piano after a trip on the Severn Valley Railway


Artificial eyes from the Wellcome Trust exhibition given to me by a friend who has sadly died since. I like the dog in the picture.


virgin shroud 1993 I cant decide whether the wheel adds to it or not, but I do know it isn’t referred to in the particulars..


WHAT is in the ash tray!? This is a post card from the Old Parsonage in Oxford


And an allegory (which I always read as allergy) of the vanities of human life by Steenwyck


I LOVE this card. I have had it for years and years, firstly tucked into the corner of my piano, and then all over the place. It has travelled well!DSC05403


Blogger Mark said...

Glad I'm not the only one who always remembers places, people, events through postcards!

- Mark

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