Monday, November 02, 2009

Saturday and a Party

I had a telephone call from Polly in the morning asking if I would like to go to her party.  I love children on the telephone because they whisper really really quietly… which makes me whisper really quietly back which makes me look very odd if it is in public!

I thought these eye balls were pretty impressive


But the blood clots really did my head in!


The freaky fingers were really rather good


As were the marshmallows… but I had to leave before I scoffed the lot!


Thanks for a lovely party Polly!

On a side, Carl was talking about thermodynamics in relation to the fire. I asked him which law or laws applied to what was going on in the fire. He said number 1. Unfortunately  I couldn’t really tell him he was wrong, I  mean explore it further, and he was only 10.


And for those of you who have forgotten about such interesting topics, here is a wiki link


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